[Bug] Encrypted 7z archives

  • If you open an encrypted 7z archive PA does not prompt for the password, it shows an empty archive instead.

  • this is not a bug powerarchiver does not at present support 7zip encrypted files please wait for it

  • You are wrong. 7z.dll offers support for encrypted 7z archives so it is a bug in PA.

  • powerarchiver has not implimented 7ziop encrytion from there dll yet they will do it is a missing feature that is avaliable but not jet implimented in powerarchiver give them time new features are popping up in 7zip dll everyday and you saying its a bug just because they have had no time to implimented is stupid it should go to the wish list cause its a wiush to support 7zip encrypted files.

  • I guess it can be felt more as a bug than as a wish by the standard user, davidsplash.

    The fact is that, when you know that PA supports 7z, you think it’s a “full” support…you can’t know something has not been implemented yet…

    And let me say that, if you open a 7z encrypted archive and you see an empty archive, you think that PA can handle that but fails in asking the password…
    So you think about a bug, not about a wish.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Well, to quote PA 9.00 help file

    PowerArchiver’s 7-Zip limitations Currently, PowerArchiver does not support several features already found in 7-Zip: AES encryption (both read and write), SFX creation (extraction works fine), and detection of solid archives (which is why we can not update files inside 7-Zip archives). We plan to add these and other new 7-Zip features that become available in future PowerArchiver releases.

    So, no matter how easy it would be to implement - it is a wishlist item; not a bug!

  • then the user should be warned about that…instead of just seeing an empty archive and being stuck there, wondering what’s wrong…

  • david is correct, it is not a bug. PA team has said in several post that all features of the 7-zip format has not been fully implimented. They are working hard to continue to add features and correct bugs. Each version of PA gets better and better. So, with a little patience, we will all see an improved version.

  • @manuangi:

    then the user should be warned about that…instead of just seeing an empty archive and being stuck there, wondering what’s wrong…

    Exactly! :)

  • conexware

    Postman has this silly notion that programming is drag and drop work. If so, I have mentioned it few times before, you should create delphi interface to 7zip’s dll and help all of delphi programmers throughout the world.

    As to this, it is an wish not an bug. We have mentioned it several times before in the forums, and it is clearly written in the help file that PA doesnt support 7zip completly and every limitation was actually included there. Nevertheless, out of all archivers that have some kind of support for 7zip, PowerArchiver’s 7zip support is by far the best and most complete. I only tried few, but none of them had the basics right…


  • @spwolf: As for postman I think that you missunderstood him. I guess that he isn’t in the opinion that programming is drag and drop work. Actually, his statement was an ironic one.

    Anyway, the announcement on your homepage is much more promising than the software itself, therefore it is not surprising for me that some users may call missing features a bug.

    As for 7-Zip you claim

    7-Zip Compression: New 7-Zip support gives PowerArchiver higher compression ratios than any other archiver

    What is about 7-Zip itself? And all other archiver that offer plenty options for 7-Zip archives? Be sure that they can do better compression. BTW, I do know archive tools with full 7-Zip support, means encryption, solid archives, different memory settings etc.

    The same applies for SFX’es, the are many missing features. Beside this I noticed a heavy memory leak in PA.

    As for me, I downloaded PA 9 because of your announcement, but so far I’m really disapointed.


  • conexware


    @spwolf: As for postman I think that you missunderstood him. I guess that he isn’t in the opinion that programming is drag and drop work. Actually, his statement was an ironic one.

    My comment was based on his previous posts on this forum, and I am quite sure I did not misunderstand him. I am sure Postman got it :cool:

    As to 7-zip support, PA actually supports solid archives, why did you think it doesnt? It certainly does not support all of the options found in 7zip file manager, and it most likely never will (all of the dictionary size options). At maximum, it supports Ultra setting which is basically 32 MB dictionary size and takes up close to 400 MB of memory for compression. We could add support for 128 MB dictionary sizes but when I tested it (and we did test it a lot), in most cases you dont even get reduced filesizes but you end up using 1.3 GB of memory. Since PA is used by both novice and experienced users, we simply dont have the luxury of having our windows cluttered with too many options, we already have hundreds of checkboxes, radio buttons or dropdowns everywhere!

    What it does need it support for AES primarily, and updating of non solid archives. And we are working on it. Is it really such as dissapointing problem? Would it be better if PA didnt have 7zip support at all? I very much doubt it. If you discover any problems, please report them to the tech support forums.

    p.s. If you are looking for the best 7zip support, that will always be 7-Zip file manager. As stated above, we will never have as many options and we will obviously be late in implementing ones we have, as compared to 7zip file manager.


    As to the Postmans quote - we have several people working on it, we had Igor Pavlov take a look at it and still nobody knows why is it such an issue in Delphi. It is simply not as simple. Which is where my original, ironic, post above comes from.

    I am sorry that you are dissapointed, luckily for both of us, uninstall is just an click away! Postman promised to do that so many times, yet he keeps coming back for more :D

    Thanks for all of your comments, much appreciated.

  • This post is deleted!

  • conexware

    Why do I even try to respond? I just wrote 3 page essay response, and then understood how stupid from me is to actually respond to insults like these.

    PowerArchiver has been in works for 6 years, and it has been considered to be one of the best for past 5. It pioneered half of the options you now take for granted - before it, most of archivers didnt have proper shell extensions or many tools.

    This topic is closed. As to 7zip support, as mentioned above we shall try to implement AES and updating as soon as we can. We have several people working on that so hopefully results will come.

    Thank you!

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