Directly create SFX archives from the "Add window"

  • It would be great if PA would have a checkbox “create SFX” directly in this window.
    So the user can directly creates SFX archives

  • I support. It would be much more convenient to create SFX that I don’t need to call out the whole PA program for SFX creation.

  • push this topic, so it won’t get lost ;)

  • This is a dam fine idea… Easy SFX creation is the major feature I’m looking for over the WinZip license my job provides me with… so if this sort of option were added to PA I’d probably buy it. I’m not saying it’s not already a great program worth the money, but I just don’t currently ‘need’ alot of the other functionality it already has over other archivers… and the current SFX creation is a little inconvenient for me.

    I’d also really like to see an additional context menu option for something I think goes hand in hand with the idea presented here - like a Display “Make SFX + Options” since the existing Make SFX (ZIP and CAB archives) option uses default parameters to create the exe automatically. I’d rather have rapid context menu access to the SFX dialog where I can at least set a correct “UnZip To” folder for each SFX… rather than have to open the full PA application to be able to do this.

  • hope this feature request is not forgotten ;)

  • Well, it didn’t make it into v9.50 :(.

    Too bad, at only $20.00 PA is a steal for all of the formats it supports. I just don’t really ‘need’ all that support… what I need (want) is the quick access and control over SFX creation that this idea is about.

    Let’s hope this makes it into the next release… But in any event 2006 looks good, and it seems to run a little faster than 2004 in some large zip file tests I performed?

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