Jar from arj authors

  • when will you support this format it is better than zip cab and rar files and i have tested it out against 7zip and with some file types it shows a fair amount of savingsing to be gained using it.

    Anyone elese have an opion.

  • You mean: create jar archives? Yes that would be great…

    Many more strong compr. formats are not supported yet!

    And my big “please” : A very good SFX-Maker in PA with a lot of options…

  • I agree with that also!
    btw, is there any default software out there to compress to arj?

  • sorry i dont know!

  • @manuangi:

    I agree with that also!
    btw, is there any default software out there to compress to arj?

    Not sure what you mean by “default” - arj compression is not freeware (even though a license is not required for purely personal use).

    You can download arj32 (arj software) utility from the same people who produce the JAR utility davidsplah mentioned.

    Even though PA does not support ARJ compression; a direct link on this forum would probably not be appropriate
    :rolleyes: unless spwolf or ivan say otherwise.

  • Forgot to say:

    I would also like support for this JAR ( .j ) format :D

    Compression is very good.
    Just a slight concern about development/support (again).
    Nothing seems to have happened with it in the last 4 years (and that was an alpha announcement possibly related to a real Windows interface) !!

  • conexware

    JAR (new ARJ) is not so widespread and that is the reason why it’s not supported. There are many formats that even show better results than 7-ZIP and CAB - like SQX - but are not so used so no need for extending our application, making it slower, bigger just to support one more format that use less then 1% of users.

    7-ZIP is supported becasue it’s open-source and it is the only format that is constantly growing.

    JAR is vey old format - I rembebr it since 1996, but still didn’t grow.

    And, as I know, JAR compression is protected - like RAR, ARJ and ACE - we could probably make only support for decompression, but never compression itself.

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