.uha support

  • WinUHA - UHARC GUI - High Compression Multimedia Archiver

    What is WinUHA :

    WinUHA is a modern and powerful GUI (Graphical User Interfaces) for UHARC, a high performance file archiver.

    UHA Main Advantages :

    • UHA Archives have the lowest compression ratio when comparing with RAR, ACE, ZIP. …
    • WinUHA is good loooking and user friendly GUI
    • WinUHA has shell extensions to speed up UHA Archives Management
    • WinUHA and UHARC are Freeware.

    Visit: http://www.winuha.com/

    .uha is an especially strong and good Compression format (the best) but it isnt very popular!
    My wish for PA is a support for .uha compression format (creating and opening)!

  • great idea

    powearchiver needs to support more archive formats that are good and this one ceratinly is.

    they support 7zip which is good but just supporting this one as the major new archiver leaves them open to other archivers that do the whole package.

    being able to write your own archive formats/plugins woul generate more archive formats in powerarchiver.

    uha is excelent at what it is doing though 7zip is about the same in compression uha is worth adding cause it fill the gap with more choice.

    what formts does everyone want added to powerachiver.

    7zip (better support)
    rar (open/create) plugin you pay for
    sit (open/create) plugin you pay for
    par files (not really an archiver as such but well worth having)
    jar (from arj) plugin you pay for.

  • I didn’t know about this prog!
    What’s more I found out its programmer’s Italian! 🙂

    anyway, spawn…has it really the best strong compression out there, as it claims?

  • Yes! Ive tested this prog! Its the strogest compression…so it would be very great to use it with PA! Cuz i dont like to use another prog only for uha compression…

  • I’ll give it a try, grazie mille! 😉

    Uha is not widespread at all…so it’d be good for PA to be the 1st prog to include it as a default compressing option!
    I agree!

  • Im not english : what is widespread? describe it!

    Youre right!

  • The UHARC utility is still at version 0.4 beta (and has been for two years :eek: ) which probably explains why it is not widespread.


    Im not english : what is widespread? describe it!

    It just means “in common use”. As in:-
    Zip compression format is the most widespread.
    7zip is (at the moment) a lot less widespread than Zip.
    UHA is even less widespread than 7zip.

    You are unlikely to come across files compressed in the UHA format on commercial download sites (or even most newsgroups).

  • btw, we should see whether its programmer’s still developing it…

  • I think this project is still developed…but im not sure. But this program seems not to be very old. Yes, the format is not popular, but ive seen downloads in this file format. Then i tried this programm and thought that it would be better when powerarc would support it. But i can live without .uha support, too. It would be “just” an improvement.

    (((to a program which is no longer developed i say(SFX-Maker from Davis Cornish) :
    Its too bad that its no longer developed. it was a very good prog.)))

  • There is a newer version 0.5 of uha, it has even better compression than 0.4 but it is for now non-public. I support the wish to add all of uha in pa. 😃

  • if the uha isnt very popular, or not used at all, why add to PA then?
    it took over a year for PA to have 7z which is far supperior to rar
    dont you guys think 7z is enough?
    I’d like to have your opinion

  • @finalcut:

    if the uha isnt very popular, or not used at all, why add to PA then?
    it took over a year for PA to have 7z which is far supperior to rar
    dont you guys think 7z is enough?
    I’d like to have your opinion

    And what about the BH (blackhole) and LHA support.
    In the Poll on this forum nobody uses them en there also supported in PA 😕

  • And what about the BH (blackhole) and LHA support.

    Those have been supported since very early days - I hope you are not suggesting that they are removed.

    By the way - there is something wrong with the poll, not veryone can vote on it.
    I do use BH occasionally e.g. it is excellent for packing multiple jpegs (introduces less overhead than the other formats except CAB, but is faster than CAB).

  • not none

    i use lha (lzh) a lot and people involved with amigaos use it heavily (i know a lot ppl using PA in windows for compatibility)
    just don’t forget that not aevery user uses the forum

  • Hi you all,

    The 1st time I learnt about UHA was when I got a download which was packed in “.ace” format… Then after I decompressed it, I saw a file extension ended with “.UHA” feeling puzzled wondering what type of file that was. Afterwards, I clicked on a setup-like exe, and it started to decompress out a folder. & I was shocked N amazed as I checked out the folder size… I realised that it was the “.UHA” format that really compressed the files with such a high compressibility…! So, here I searched and went across this forum and thanks to you all I learnt the homepage of the programme winUHA…


    I’m gonna compare it with those formats I’ve been using…

    Have a nice day…!

  • Since I learnt a bout many other compression formats, usage of “zip” or “winzip” had become only one possibility in which I only dcompress zip and recompress the contents into other formats… Why? Say, a 1000 similar graphix filters can be compressed up to several Mb in “zip” format while less than 700 kb for most other formats like ace, rar, cab, 7z… Isn’t it kinda waste of time to download for everyone while it doesn’t save too much time on the compression (well, yeap cab is kinda slow, but I prefer to wait for that to use “zip” when it does make a big change in size)?

    Oh, no, reading on… :eek: I’m feeling kinda sad… hope the bad situation is just temporary…

    May those nice formats last long… well at least among experienced users… :o

  • This post is deleted!

  • Well, there may be a difficulty support UHA format in PA.
    The compression format is based on UHARC.

    1. It is still beta
    2. the license for (UHARC 0.4) states
      " The current beta version may be used FOR TESTING AND EVALUATION ONLY. "

    So I guess support cannot be included in a commercial product, which PA is.

  • While it may have high compression, what’s the speed of compression like ?

  • According to the (French) link in sig of SqueezeTheFun

    UHA format is VERY slow (at least double the time for 7z format).