Opening of SFX 's through drag 'n drop

  • It would be great to be able to open an SFX archive just by dragging and dropping it from explorer. When I do this, PA doesn’t open the archive and says “You must create new….”. When I d&d an archive into PA’s window, it opens it, so why not have the same for executable files? I don’t want to have to use Open to keep opening these files!
    Implementing this feature should be quick and easy! What do you guys think?


  • good idea ;)

  • Well. remember not every .exe is an SFX file.
    I can see where you might want to “check” an exe file without running it - so a simple answer - when drag & dropping always give the option “open” - does not matter what the file extension/type is.

    This way the open/uncompress is under user control and PA does have to do any examination to determine the real file type.

    E.g I drag & drop “example.tbg” - PA ALWAYS offers two options:-
    Add to archive (compress)
    Open (assuming it is an archive - or a renamed exe)

    If user selects Add - then open “options dialog” assuming action “compress”.
    if user selects “open” then do compatability checking (type of archive).

    Initially, there is no checking of the filetype or contents of “example.tbg” required.

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