RPM Format Support

  • I think it’d be nice if PA added RPM file support. Just today I had an RPM file which I wanted to open to view some source files, but I had to download another archiver to be able to extract them. As far as I know this shouldn’t be a terribly difficult addition to make, I don’t think the RPM archive type is particularly complex, and it’s definitely free of charge.

  • So far i know RPM are Linux files.

    These files are used to compile a program. I don’t think this is an compression standard.

  • I’m well aware of what RPMs are for, but they are basically specialized archives which also contain file based instructions for the RPM software to use when installing the program. They can also be accessed just as a regular archive.

    Several Windows-based archivers already support viewing/extracting RPMS including:
    (no links to other zip software please - admin - thank you)

    Edit: Just proving my point; several other archivers do support this (including freeware), it’s not some mystical technology.

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