Fully automatic update process.

  • What would be handy is when it comes to upgrading PoweArchiver to the latest version this can be done automatically through the Update wizard without a seperate file download and automatic re-run of the installation programme soi it just updates the programme without the need to do a complete re-installl on each version update which is what is happening at the moment, and this could eaisly save bandwith and such like, as there would be less peessure on the server for the full download programme when only the specific updated parts of the programme would be downloaded.

    Also, this would allow for minor bug fixes to be patched without a completely new version being issued and then people having to download it and such like, as the only bug problem could be rectified with a far smaller update than what it takes at the moment which is roughly 2mb at every new version when as explained this file size could be signficantly reduced and the update process made far faster and easier.


  • conexware

    PowerArchiver is not split into many different parts, so 95% of program would have to be downloaded anyway, even in smaller releases!

  • Is it possible that the update function automatic start the downloaded file, so we don’t have to start the update ourselves :)

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