Search version resources

  • search the version resources of files. If you need to find the right version of a DLL or driver file, ZipScan can search for it. Remember, ZipScan looks through archive files so it will find your file even if it lives inside a CAB (Microsoft Cabinet) file or a Zip file.

  • if you really need such “powerful” search functions, why don’t you use Zipscan as additional searchtool?

    I really don’t think that the normal user will take use of these functions.

    IMO PA should be as easy as possible and shouldn’t become a bloatware like ACDSee 7.0 is.

  • why do i need to have anoither zip program . i like powerarchiver and i think this would meake tits seqarch toold better and give it something that some other archivers do not have.

  • If PA would combine all features of all archiver tools in the net, it will become bloatware :(

    But I’m interested in what other say

  • it would not. its only search within archive formats that i’m asking for as it would help pa be the most bloatfree archiver around though allowing people to find what they need within archiver.

  • you want an archiver like pa was in version 1 but with all the format support it has now if you think like that. Pa would never evolve. pa needs to keep pace of change to improve and my suggestions help that by allowing archive only ideas to ghopefully get implimented.

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