Add Microsoft SZDD CAB support

  • Hi, today I was modifying some nVidia driver files, but they seem to have SZDD compression. PowerArchiver is not able to open this files or even extract them.
    I have no further information about this compression mechanism, however I do know I can extract those archives using Microsofts Expand tool.

    I would like support for this compressiontype. Also other driver packages have sometimes SZDD compression.

    Here some History

    CAB History
    In 1977, Abraham Lempel and Jacob Ziv devised and published a paper on their new compression method, LZ77. In 1982, James Storer and Thomas Szymarski released their LZSS variant. In the early 1980s, Microsoft required some form of data compression for their installation media to cut down on the number of disks needed to install MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows, so they took Haruhiko Okumura’s implementation of LZSS. Their compressed files had a SZDD signature.

    Also a link with lots of information:

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