To be able to purchse product offline

  • some people i know will not pay for the product as they don’t like paying online. Would it be possible to sell the product to people myself. Also some people would like to be able to get the product by cd rather than download it.

  • I think this would be difficult. If you have no internet connection, how can you contact PA staff. you have to do it by phone or fax. And in this case you need expensive personal. if you pay by internet everything is automatized. so the cost ordering by internet is lower.

    Normally there should be no problem to download a 3Mb file even for modem users. Then you can burn it on CD.

  • just a thought to have people like winrar odes to sell there product and premote it.

  • conexware

    Well, you can buy PowerArchiver offline - via fax, check, bank wire, etc, etc. They are all options when purchasing PowerArchiver (you select them from the list of options).


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