Encrypt files inside archive that has already been created [.zipx]

  • Hi.

    Is there a way to enable the user to encrypt the files inside a ZIPX archive that has already been created?

    This could save time for large archives that the user may need to encrypt at a later stage or that he/she has forgotten to enable encryption before creating the archive,

    Thank you!

  • conexware

    Hey @2Flo

    When you have an archive open in the main PowerArchiver window, clicking the Encrypt button will bring up the Encrypt tool with the opened archive in the tracklist and ready to be encrypted.
    Does that work Ok for you?


  • Hi.

    That will work OK for the most part.

    It wraps the archive into another archive and encrypts it.

    However, if I want to have only 1 archive with the files directly in it and then encrypt the individual files at once, just as I would select ZIPX encryption before creating the archive, is that also possible at the current stage?

    (I think the second approach will work faster for larger archives, rather than recreating the entire archive and encrypting that, each file can be encrypted on the fly on the original archive.)

    What do you think? :D

  • conexware

    Yes, converting an existing archive to an encrypted one. We’ve had this in mind and logged in for a bit, but haven’t gotten to it. Bumped :)

  • Thank you :D

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