New icons vs old icons

  • I was thinking about upgrading to newest PA version so I installed it for testing. One thing: new icons. They’re too bright (or maybe the saturation level is too big). Look at the attached image and compare newest icons to other, typical icons. Note that the color scheme is totally diferent, they just don’t go to well with each others. Look how the older PA icons (bottom of the image) look good with the others, even the oldest are much better. The contrast with the background is much too low, and on default system color scheme it’s even worse (white background, and very bright yellow icons). Note that none of default Windows icons don’t have such high saturation, they’re all based on the same level. Look at the second screenshot, new icon just doesn’t fit there well. And on the third screenshot you can see that many bright icons near each other can give you a real eyes pain. So I ask you to make an option to choose from oldest, new and newest icon set when making file associations. It just a small tweak, beacuse the icons could be called e.g. 1xx (oldest), 2xx (new), 3xx (newset) in the resources and in that case it’s just a small fix in the registry and everything would work fine.

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