To facilitate tests or to keep statistical info

  • Alpha Testers

    Once a compression starts there’s a pop-up window showing the Elapsed Time and progress… nice, except that once the job is finished it disappears !
    If you want to monitor speed tests, you have to stay behind your PC fixing that screen… not very user friendly.
    So please, instead of having that ‘minimize button’ (on top the same command anyway) is it not possible to change it in ‘OK’. So once the job finished, the info window stays on screen and only pressing ‘OK’ will close this info window. Thx.
    (I suppose it is not a hard job to adapt the program this way :-)

  • conexware

    @pirrbe If you go to Options> Config> Misc> Enable PA debug, you will get debug file with all the options used and timings. Thats the real way to test and to send us info on the testing, since we can see that way if anything is wrong or not done correctly.


  • Alpha Testers

    This post is deleted!

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