Set Processor Priority

  • OK, last wish for the day…I promise!

    Processor priority control is a must. Don’t believe me? Try creating multiple gigabyte 7-zip files on a single processor system. Of course, you can always lower the priority in the Windows task manager…but who wants to have to do that for each archive? Even the very bare-bones 7-zip program from supports background compression. I was shocked when I couldn’t find it in PowerArchiver! I did notice that using the “Tray” option lowers the priority automatically, but I’m not a fan of this particular method. First of all, the word “Tray” gives no indication that it manipulates the priority at all, so who would know to do that? More importantly, I dont see any way to affect this in other modes, say Archive Converter. Right now I have a 4Gb rar file I want to convert to 7zip…but there seems to be no way to lower priority short of the task manager. I think one possible solution would be to just have a small menu in program Configuration to allow a global priority setting. Alternatively you could add priority menus to all creation dialoges (Converter, Add, Shell Extension dialogs, etc), but this method does sound like alot more work.

  • I already had posted a similar wish. setting the process priority in the options menu would be great

  • I want this feature too. PA hogs the CPU when compressing/converting archives.

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