WinRAR Creation Support!

  • I can’t stress this enough…the reason I havn’t purchased a copy of PA and don’t use it on a daily basis is one simple reason…it can’t create RAR files. Let’s face it, RAR is one of the two most popular archive formats in the Windows world along with ZIP. I create and send RAR files constantly, but until PA supports it I’ll need to keep WinRAR on my comp to do so. And it just doesn’t make sense to keep both programs, so I’m afraid that means PA loses out. It’s a shame, because I really like this program and respect it’s speed and otherwise breadth of features. If you PA were to come with full RAR support in a future version I’d buy it on the spot!

  • rar format is the sole possesion of winrar and it is crap in short terms. rar is not as good as 7zip.

  • That may be the case, but BetaMax was also better. The fact is, if the people I send files to want/need RAR I’m going to keep using it. I have no control over its popularity no matter how ‘good’ it is in your opinion. In my personal use with 7zip, I’ve found it to be little better than RAR in many applications, and not better at all in others, but painfully slow no matter what.

    Now the fact that you say the format is not available for use in 3rd party software is an entirely different situation, that part I can understand. The reason I didn’t assume this is because I believe I’ve seen at least one other program offer support for it in the past. I think it was ArchiveXP, but I could be wrong.

  • I have a same wishlist as Cyber Dog as i think that it is critical to support creation of rar since it is very very popluar now. if you said 7zip who knows wht’s 7zip I went around asking my friends they were confused as they only heard before winzip and winrar , I asked them have you people try to use 7zip none of them knows what the hell I talking.

    I introduced them to this site, the tested the trial and said is there a function where I can create rar since there’s zip there must be rar. I told them no Power archiver do not support creating it yet and it will so I though it really will but they give up on power archiver and went back to winrar which allows them to create zip and rar.

    I wonder this problems comes in all Alpha Tester I mean beta tester of power archivers that when u needed a function to create rar its not there at all must go download winrar to create dammn……

    I wonder when would this format be avaliable as I dun wish to switch to Power Archiver yet without creation of rar formats I do not want to waste the money as I too use more on rar and zip coz my friends uses those format. Therefore I stick with them on winrar till you people said hey maybe its time for a rar creation format, might bring back alot of winrar users.

    my personal opinion no offence

  • if you want to use RAR creation, you have to pay a WinRAR license to the author. You won’t find any program in the net which can create RAR files except WinRAR.

    if PA would support RAR, the price of PA would be higher because of the RAR license.

    Currently I just use 7ZIP format because it offers better compression ration than WinRAR

  • If PA will support RAR archives, noone will buy WinRAR…:)
    They will use PA…

  • :confused: then wht’s power archiver purpose to promote 7zip only then who will try power archiver only those who wish to open 7zip or create 7zip.

    I understand now well sorry for my personal opinion I just stick to winrar then sorry to bother u guys for making something that’s is impossible or never happen at all.

    thanks for the information

  • winrar format rar is good but winrar is difficult to use i would recommend using both. on for rar creation and pa for everything else as it is better more streamline and easier to wok with.

  • @NTFS:

    If PA will support RAR archives, noone will buy WinRAR…:)
    They will use PA…

    While I’m not going to argue this topic any more I see the above as an excellent point, which in fact I’ve heard before on other software boards.

    As far as WinRAR being more confusing, I don’t think so at all. I think it has a much better feature set. If it’s ever confusing to the user it’s because of a poor interface/presentation. This could work in PA’s favor if it were ever implemented as a better default presentation could make it even more desirable to current WinRAR users.

    Finally, I’d also like to point out that 7-zip compression is NOT always better than RAR. Like I said, I use compression almost daily, so naturally I’ve tried both types on a variety of media. With maximum compression enabled in both formats, 7-zip wins sometimes. I encourage anyone who takes their storage space seriously to evaluate both options and not just flat out believe the hype that 7-zip is always better.

  • Cyber Dog you have my support on having winrar…… I love rar format more than 7zip after hearing ur views. Its true that not all medias have good compression on 7zip neither does winrar.

    But in overall result, winrar perform much better than 7zip well as it said winrar is popular so popular that every single computer must have it why??? because it lets you open winrar and lets you create rar formats.

    well I not going on with this idea here anymore coz I think its useless to continue this suggestion here.

  • German program Squeeze supports RAR creation!

    For more information take a look here:

  • conexware

    Rar format is not public domain, we can not implement it. European companies can because there are no software patent laws in Europe, unlike in the USA.

    7zip on the other hand, is open source format and everyone can implement it as they please. Thats probably its biggest advantage aside from really strong compression.

  • @xpsunny:

    German program Squeeze supports RAR creation!

    Not really, it “partially supports” RAR2 compression. But this forum is not about other Products, go to their forums to discuss their products.

    And if you really need RAR creation, buy WinRAR. :cool:

    Despite attempts to the contrary, there is no value in arguing “XX does this, if your product doesn’t then I’ll buy XX”. :mad:

    You should buy the utility that does what you want/have a need for. That is what evaluation periods are for.

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