Reports about files compressed

  • It would be nice if I could produce reports for the archive I just compressed or one that I have. i.e. list of files in archive whether encrypted, size number of files and there type etc this would help me build a list of what I store on my computer in compressed format.

    The reports would be printable.

  • conexware

    Currently, you can print the file list to TXT or HTML.
    HTML format looks rather nice and organized, found here;

    0_1481029938600_print file listing.JPG

  • conexware

    @davidsplash problem with more details per file is that in solid file compression, we dont have enough info about specific files.

  • what you could do then is have an option for solid archives and non solid.

    the idea was to get more information on an archive instead of just a list of files. The listings at present look ok but they are only the barebones if you want detailed info what in the archive including date added to the archive

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