Add Data Integrity Support (e.g. Parchive) to .pa Format

  • One feature most archive formats are lacking is archive integrity/recovery. RAR has had this capability from the start and thus remains the format of choice for those concerned with data loss from events such as storage media bit rot:

    It would be a shame to not use this opportunity to also incorporate data integrity.

    PAR1 and PAR2 specifications are available on the net; however, I’m not sure where to find the actual PAR3 specification, but maybe you could start here: and here:

  • conexware

    we could add support for .par to be generated after .pa.

    It would not possible to add recovery directly into .pa until pa.v2. Right now .pa format structure is based on 7zip. Plan is to move to v2 version of .pa when we exaust current codec and filters options, so we know all the requirements needed when doing v2.

    And we still have a way to go with codecs and filters. Right now minimum plan next is to add jpeg and speed up fma-rep1 deduplication filter. After that we could go on to mp3 and maybe some lz/dictionary based text codec.

  • conexware

    @welhaux moved this to open forums.

  • what you could do in the mean time is add support for par3 if possible to powerarchiver?

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