list of component versions

  • just an idea

    it would be nice if powerarchiver listed what component version it uses to say view certain archive file types. This way if an archive file type (like rar) gets updated we can identify the component that is causing the fault or needs udating. This is particularly good for fault finding.

    I uses this when creating my own software just thought it would be a good idea to list all components that make up powerarchiver. At present you have to go to the powerarchiver fo;der and click on a file properties to find a file version. What would be nice if powerarchiver lists them from within its main program incase you get updates like patches and want to see what component was installed.

  • I don’t think that really needs to be in the program – the mapping should be static by file type. It could be handled in documentation, but if you’re opening something like an .exe or an odd extension it could be useful to know what type of archive PA thought was being opened.

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