Filters: Reflate - (pdf/docx recompression)

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    Filter: Reflate

    What is it?
    Reflate is advanced deflate recompression filter designed to improve compression of files with deflate streams. Obvious examples are pdf, docx, xlsx, swf, png but deflate streams can be found in many other files, usually in form of png images.

    Where to use it?

    • Optimized Strong mode - PowerArchiver will compress all pdf, docx/xslx, pngs, swf, etc, files with Reflate filter automatically.
    • PLZMA4 codec - You can enable reflate filter.


    • Much better compression of PDF. DOCX and other files with deflate streams. Between 30%-50% on average (vs 5% for regular archivers). PDFs that are mostly big pictures wont be compressed well (especially if it is jpegs), but it will still be substantially better than regular codecs.
    • Disadvantage: Slower speed.

    FY17_Proposed_Budget_Vol_1.pdf (Austin Texas Budget 2016/2017) - 20,157 kb
    PowerArchiver (Extreme): 9,994 kb
    WinRar (best): 18,356 kb
    7zip (Ultra) : 18,336 kb
    WinZip (Zipx/Lzma) : 18,411 kb

    oig-work-plan-2016.pdf (Office of Inspector General plan 2016) - 4,165 kb
    PowerArchiver (Extreme): 1,346 kb
    WinRar (best): 3,790 kb
    7zip (Ultra) : 3,791 kb
    WinZip (Zipx/Lzma) : 3,784 kb

    Analysis: Good case scenario. Images are likely pngs, and a lot of text that can be compressed great.

  • OK, this sounds awesome. Can’t wait to test this out.

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