Changing code page for displaying files in PA

  • Maybe there will be a way in the future to change code page while displaying file names in PA? The problem is the following:

    I have some archives (zip) which contain files with asian characters in file names that are created without unicode on an asian system I guess. So when trying to view the files in PA with another region setting than the one in which the files are created then you see rubbish file names.

    I have to use another archiving program which lets me change the code page to view the archive so that I can change to japanese, chinese etc. When changed to the right code page the file names are displayed correctly and the created files after extraction then also have the correct file names.

    Will there be a way to make PA can do this?

  • Are there any thoughts on this?

  • conexware

    thanks for the suggestion, added it to the list for next major release.

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