Leave ISO File Type Alone!

  • Windows 8.x and Windows 10 both have built-in mounting and image burning capabilities to handle ISO file types. I can double-click on an ISO file and it mounts as a drive letter, I can also right-click on the virtual drive that’s created by Windows to un-mount that ISO file. EASY!

    But no, the moment I install PowerArchiver it decides to take over every stinkin’ file type that it can support including ISO files. No. No. No. NO. NO! I want to use the built-in capabilities that Windows has for ISO files, it’s far more convenient to use than having to load PowerArchiver and have it do it. What makes me even more angry about PowerArchiver taking over a file type is that when you uncheck the file type in the Configuration window it doesn’t even support setting the file type back to the native Windows file type handler.

    Sure, go ahead, do that kind of stuff on Windows 7 that doesn’t have built-in ISO file handling but on Windows 8.x and Windows 10, LEAVE ISO FILES ALONE!

  • conexware

    You can uncheck ISO from file format list.

    As to returning Windows Explorer, it is simple. Right click on the file in Windows Explorer, then use Open With> Chose another app… then select Windows Explorer and check Always open with…

    and thats it, it will always open with Windows Explorer!

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