Personal wishlist PA2016

  • Hi there,

    Some additions I’d love to see, just some suggestions ofcourse:

    • When dragging a file from a zip in PA2016 to the desktop it doesn’t place it at your cursor but places it at the first available spot from the top left down. 7-zip for example places it at where your cursor is which is very handy.
    • By default, turn ‘Play sound when operation is completed’ automatically off, it’s very annoying to hear a sort of ‘error’ beep when something completes.
    • Upgrade the icons so the different archives are more easy to spot, now they sort of all look the same, a vague sort of folder. Make it like 7-zip, each format has it’s own icon.
    • Startup speed needs to dramatically increase. Compared to 7-zip the startup speed is way way way to slow. And yes, I use a SSD (Samsung 850 Pro)
    • Default explorer extensions are a big cluttered mess in my opinion. Place all the stuff under the PowerArchiver subfolder

    Other than that, keep up the good work :)

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