Password protected zip file not displaying filenames inside when double clicked

  • When double clicking a password protected .zip file, the contents (filenames)
    are displayed. They may reveal what they are about.

    I tried to first .zip the folder and then encrypt it.
    am not prompted for a password, although PA does not display the filenames as with the first option.

    Here are the steps I took.

    It would be nice if
    a folder is zipped en encrypted in 1 action
    such action is available as context menu item

    Current workaround (zip to password protected .exe may not always be suitable,
    sending such files by mail often is rejected by the mailservers)

    view files inside a pw protected file

    step 1-2
    step 3
    step 4
    step 5
    step 6

  • conexware

    Thanks for the screenshots.
    You open the encrypted Zip file and there is nothing inside?
    I have attempted to re-create an archive using the same settings as in screenshots and it worked fine.
    The .zip file was compressed into another encrypted .zip file which opened properly.

    If it’s easier, please contact us again on the live chat option and we can go through it thoroughly.

  • Yes, succeeded. Thanks for your help. Whilst I succeeded, I think it may be worthwhile to at least consider this ‘double action’ (first zip, then encrypt) be combined to 1 say ‘Zip & Encrypt’-action and available in the context menu, same as the normal zip.


  • conexware


    As for the compress and encrypt option, you can already do that by configuring the ZIP format in config to always compress the file you are creating.
    Here is a screenshot of the configuration screen where you can set the Zip format to always compress. Once you set it, every time you want to make a Zip file, it you will be asked to set the encryption password.

  • conexware

    There is also Compress & Encrypt shell option that can be enabled and then configured in Options as well.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Okay, thank you both.
    I wasn’t really aware of this option.

    That said I still believe this is a small difference between the two step method
    (see screenshots, viz. 1) first zip to a ‘normal’ non encrypted file, 2) then encrypt that zipfile)


    use a zip profile with encryption enabled.

    I have created a zip file of a folder using both methods.

    In the first method (2-step): when double clicking the file, it will display the folder, whereas I think it should not, it should already prompt for a password at that point. Once the file is double clicked, PA should detect it is an encrypted zip file and prompt for a password, whereas now PA reveals a part of what the file may be about, even when using another encrypted zip filename.

    so, encrypted file shows the foldername.


    the 2nd method does not hide anything. maybe this is a drawback of current zip method and cannot be solved.

    in that case, the first method, the 2-step would be a workaround, but as said, the password prompt should immediately after the double clicking.


  • conexware

    Hello Pawul,

    problem with filename encryption in ZIP is that it is patented by PKWARE and we can not add support for it… we have support for opening such files tough. This is only part of ZIP standard that is patented, rest of it is public domain.

    So if you need zip, you can use that workaround, or you can use pae2 or 7zip.

    Thanks and let us know of more of your ideas if you have them!

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