Wipe after encryption

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    I realize this might be a dangerous addition. So I KNOW it cannot be checked by default.

    However, I would like a checkbox option to wipe the file(s) after encryption for user profiles we create that include encrypting the archive.

    If you are too fearful of adding that feature, is there a way of adding a wipe feature within PA? I am leery of just deleting an important file(s) that I encrypt.

    I have another program that will wipe files . . . however, if I am already in PA, having that option would be a nice bell.

    I suppose I would also like having the option to wipe 10 times, and not just 7.

  • Anything that increases the security for PA users wins my vote. Although 7 wipes via DOD is pretty high as it is , there is plenty of applications that offer a custom box for those who want a higher wipe ratio.

    But it might be worth creating something that validates the encrypted archive before it wipes.

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    I always check the test after compression when I use a PBS. Perhaps there should be a paired option: test and then wipe.

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