Some oldies but goodies

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    Over the years, you have made any number of improvement that I proposed. For that I am VERY grateful.

    Others may be undoable . . . either technically or because of copyright restrictions…

    But here’s some I can quickly recall:

    Proposals I can recall:
    1. Keep a list somewhere of what items you have entered in your to-do list from user input. It lets participants know you have heard our concerns, find them meritorious, and plan to address them. Then we can be confident that they will be done, if feasible. And we do not feel the need to remind you.

    2. A slew of concerns with profiles. These are potentially powerful tool that give the user the ability to shape PA for our particular needs (which will vary from person to person).
    a. Some particular glitches I recently reported (and assume there are on the todo list.
    b. Adding the ability for users to add their particular profiles to the shell (so one doesn’t have just compress to zip, but “Compress to Mole’s sculpted zipx profile".).

    3. if possible, have the system detect whether an existing archive into which the an user wants to place a file is already encrypted, and so select by default the encrypted version of that format and profile.

    4. Give the option for the user to move (rather than just copy) a file into an archive by some key combo (Ctrl while D&D).

    5. Some changes to AC (10-8-2013). . . but most of these may already be in the pipeline.

    6. Add encrypt filenames to every add window where that is a technical option.

    7. Add more options (like encrypt filenames) to PBS backup scripts.

    8. ZTE with more particular options (# of downloads, time for download etc.) for each use of ZTE.

    9. Any chance to use SFX with PAE files?

    10. Speed upload to cloud (e.g., DropBox)
    11. When using ZTE with multiple files, let the minimum setting for using ZTE be determined by the TOTAL size of the collective files rather than each file individually.

    12. . In FTP, use the same way of indicating file size in both panes (so it is easier to determine if the upload was successful).

  • Cloud application is actually very good, i would like to see this expanded on and improved.

    Not sure exactly what you could do but when you look at onedrive and dropbox etc there are plenty of options for you.

  • conexware

    Richard, you better add some of your wishes as well…

  • Microsoft Windows 10 for mobile Powerarchiver 2016 Toolbox the luxe edition!

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