PA Encrption Suite - Feature Requets

  • Hi Team,

    Can you please add a few new features to the Encryption Suite;

    1. File Wiping
    Available within Shell Extensions and the options as PA’s temp file wipe.

    2. Free space wipe
    same options as PA’s temp file wipe.

    3. PA Virtual Secure Drive
    Similar to that of Privacy Drive, Steganos Safe etc

    The 1st and 2nd is something I really would like to see as you already have the engine for it.

    The 3rd might be more complicated, but you adding this would mean your Encryption Suite is taking on the likes of Deslock, Steganos, Privacy drive etc.


  • conexware

    Encryption Suite Pro?


  • Very possibly yes, but should be part of the Powerarchiver toolbox for sure.

  • conexware

    cant have it all under Toolbox… if we add Encrypted Drive functionality, it would be separate program. Too much work hours needed.

  • Banned

    I am not at all opposed to Sir Richard’s entire list. I have a more limited request for toolbox:

    You now have it so that PA wipes temp files when the user opens, changes, and resaves a file from withing an encrypted archive.

    May I propose giving users an option to also wipe files whenever they add a file to an encrypted archive?

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