Optimize Office Format - Improve

  • Hi Guys,

    I have asked for this a few times but we could really do with expanding on this features.

    I use the optimize feature all the time but it remains a pain when wanting to optimize multiple newer formats at the same time. You are forced to do one at a time.

    These are the additional features I would like to see;

    1. Select a folder or multiple files at one time and optimize all that fall within the supported formats.

    2. Optimize within Backup , scheduler

    3. option to attempt to Optimize before Compression , FTP, Cloud etc.

    4. if possible may optimize settings, if you can actually select things like
    compress internal images , delete images over certain sizes, optimize SQL would be default.

    This feature is something WinZip, RAR, 7zip etc do not have and is very usefull yet untouched or improved on.

    Please consider expanding on this it would be another that makes PA remain better than the rest.

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