Adaptive Format Profiles

  • Hi Guys,

    Something that occurs all the time within the office environment and at home with Compressing files, I typically like to use particular format’s and settings depending on the file Format.

    Then it dawned on me ‘Why cant Power Archiver enable Format Profiles’

    So how would this work?

    I have a Excel spread sheet within .xlsx format to get the best possible compression I use the ‘Optimize Office Document’ then 7zip Ultimate settings.

    However, for the old formats I use Zip at standard settings.

    I also have predefined formats based on user types and clients. So for some customers I use Zip or RAR only as they don’t support newer compression formats nor are allowed to install freeware programs such as 7zip so are limited to windows zip folders. Why rar? well some firms have database’s that can read and export rars.

    yet for other clients 7zip, zipx for pretty much everything.

    Cab and Rar for Movie’s or Software etc.

    Power Archiver could have a settings page where the user types the format’s and give them a name.

    .xlsx, docx, accdb,

    7zip, Optimized

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