Cloud Settings

  • Hi Team,

    One of the new features I like about PowerArchiver is the upload and import settings from cloud. However, could you add a few more features to the main screen?

    1. Delete
    So far I have 4/5 Settings uploaded at 1st it was alpha test settings then it moved onto genuine releases settings. But I would like to manually Clear down what is there.

    2. Rename
    Currently once you name your settings it’s final.

    3. Export
    Would be great for offline reasons to export the settings from the cloud.

    4. Default
    Maybe the ability to assign out of the list a Default Setting that remains the 1st to be selected.

  • conexware

    Delete has been planned, and should be mplemented in upcoming release.

  • Cheers fella, you can get the other stuff polished off later on if you like :D

  • conexware

    from 15.01.03, delete works when you check cloud settings…

  • Banned

    This post is deleted!

  • Banned

    where is this information stored in the registry. I cannot go through hours of messing with this again.

  • conexware


    Just tested and confirmed that your online registration works.
    I have sent you the online registration email which will show your current online registration info.


  • Banned

    I found a work around. I had the code. It is just that it resorted to my old email.


  • Banned

    You might want to check and see why the installation package might have reinserted the previous email.

    Thanks, though, for rechecking for me. I thought I had the right codes (and I did). But was nice to have it confirmed.

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