Option to change the "Meadata" and Icon in an SFX Executable while creating an SFX

  • I sent this email to the General Support at PowerArchiver as well. But It may get a better review and interest here as well. I am in hopes it will. ;)

    _I have been playing and toying with some programs that allegedly (and probably do for standard .EXE files) can change the MAINICON of the executable file, permanently. I know there is a way to do it, but when I tried to change the Icon via a program I have found called Resource Hacker which allows editing the “metadata” (for lack of a better word) information of the EXE file. Unfortunately, when I tried it corrupted the 7Z SFX. I knew it probably would, but what did it hurt for trying, right?

    My request for future updates for the SFX feature of PowerArchiver is this:

    Why not include a way to have the SFX more customizable by including an option to change the final icon of the SFX executable? This would be so great. When I download some games they include a two part installation process…the Setup file and the .BIN file that has the “encrypted” files encased within. (I tried opening them with PowerArchiver but they come back with an error message stating that the file is corrupt, why? Probably not a true compressed file?) So When I use PowerArchiver to 7-Zip them together and create an SFX EXE I would like to be able to change the information put into the “metadata” as well as the Icon the SFX displays (instead of that “Open Box and Disc” icon) upon completion.

    I have not found anything close to a solution to this within the forums. So I thought I’d take a shot and email you and see if you are ever going to offer such an option.

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  • conexware

    this is possible… what kind of data are you SFX’ing?

    Got your email as well, 1999…yay!

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