Remove password from archive

  • One thing I would like is to be able to remove passwords from an existing archive.

    It would also be useful to add password/encryption to an existing archive as well.

    I get lots of archives with unique passwords. I want to update each archive so it has no password. This is due to the security required depending on the mechanism used to transfer the files. Internally no password is best, insecure transfers need to be encrypted.

    The archive convertor expects to convert from one archive format to another.

  • conexware

    interesting possible feature….

  • Good idea! Having the ability to instantly Encrypt or Decrpt, remove or add a password to the archive or it’s files whilst within PowerArchiver would certainly interest me.

  • Banned

    Thought. Since you cannot just remove a password . . . the file has to first be decrypted to get to the raw data, the simplest solution might be to add an option to the archive convert dialogue – an option to encrypt (or not encrypt) the new archive.

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