Office VBA Support

  • Hi Guys,

    My Job as System and Application Developer basically means I review and create automation of office work and programing VBA is a major part of that.

    This got me trying out some Code that uses WinZip’s engine and has fuelled what I am about to ask for.
    It would be fantastic if you could create a means for Office users to interact with PowerArchiver using VBA , either via a help document giving examples or even better creating an XLA Plugin with instant modules to Core components such as Compression, Encryption, running backups etc.

    The key would be to make it so if the user Had PowerArchiver and the PAVBA Plugin installed, they could write their VBA to call on already made Module’s.
    An example would be if you had a VBA Script running through a process to make a report or database file, after it was complete you then wanted it to Compress Itself and Upload to an FTP based on user profiles. Or you want it Zip To Email as soon as it was complete.

    Another example is you have Excel open and it can run a check and then compress documents in the background before it starts running the automated process etc

    There are so many way’s this would come in useful.

    It then got me thinking about the code and how it could look;

    PAVBA.Compress, zipx, password = “test”, Encrypt = True
    so PAVBA.Compress, Zipx,“Test”,True


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