Creating SFX

  • Banned

    I just noticed something.

    If I want to create an SFX file from a current archive, I HAVE to do it from the shell.

    If I do it from inside the PA window, the second dialogue there makes me specify a compression type. But if it is already compressed. . .

    As it turns out, this is not a big problem for me since I would almost always rely on the shell (for this and everything else).

    However, I can image that some users rely on the PA window.

    For those people, they should have an option of creating an SFX from an existing archive without having to choose another compression type. I am not even quite sure what this would do. Would it put an archive inside an archive?

  • conexware

    what format exactly? When you open archive, in Home> Tools, it will have “Make EXE” option, which is same as shell… I am assuming you are clicking on SFX Wizard, which is something different.

  • Banned

    Maybe close enough. I can still use the shell inside the PA Window.

    But I don’t have the option you are discussing. See the image.

    Perhaps the option is there only if you choose the Win8 Skin?

  • conexware

    you have to open archive… then it shows up.

  • Banned

    Ah. So every so you are inside the archive, it will make an sfx of the entire archive . . . rather than its contents?

  • conexware

    did you check it out? It is exactly the same option as in shell - shell in fact calls this option in main PowerArchiver. So for 7zip, zip, cab, it creates self extracting archive (meaning contents inside archive)

  • Banned

    Ok. I am still unclear. Sorry for being so dense.

    It seems that if the file was already compressed AND encrypted in zipx or 7zip, then since the encryption applies to each individual file within the archive, then why I run the exe, I get a request for the password for each file.

    If so, then it seems that it is best to use the “Make SFX” features is a plain archive that was then encrypted with PAE. In the case, the recipient has to enter the PW only once. Correct?

    If that is right, wouldn’t it be nice to have “encrypt to PAE” as an option in the SFX wizard dialogue?

  • conexware

    but PAE would then extract complete zip file… and then you have to open up again that complete zip file in PA and extract it?

    it would be much better if we simply add option to remember password for 7zip SFX.

  • Banned

    Makes sense. Seems like an excellent little addition. Nice idea!

  • Banned

    Sorry I was slow on the update on some of these points. I suppose, though, that I am partly gratified that having you walk through this led to a concrete and helpful suggestion. Glad you noticed it.