Office integration

  • Hi Guys,

    Now we are stepping up the notch on the Security, Compression and file sharing. What would be fantastic is Office Integration so within Office 2007 and above within the ribbon the user can work on a document and then Sign, Encrypt and Verify it before closing or then Upload it to Cloud / FTP. Even schedule a backup for that exact file if on local, network path.

    Having a destroy document button would also be great! Meaning if the user opens an attachment they have decrypted from email they can read it and then press “Destroy” when finished and PA wipes over that file using methods in their settings.

    The fact that you have already designed a ribbon menu for Zip To Email and that I have developed Office Plugins many times gives me confidence this is something you guys can do without a problem.

    You could even get this in alpha stage before PowerArchiver 2013 Final is released!


    • Upload to Cloud
    • Compress to Cloud
    • Schedule Backup


    • Upload to FTP
    • Compress to FTP
    • Schedule Backup

    Office Security

    • Verify
    • Sign
    • Manage PGP Keys
    • Encrypt Document
    • Destroy Document

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