Improved Office Optimization

  • Hi Guys,

    The file Optimization Feature in powerarchiver is really handy! I use it a lot to bring down large files without having to compress it. Or I optimize the file and then Compress it to bring it down before sending out.

    This got me thinking over the feature, it would be great if you could improve on it so you had the following;

    1. Multiple File Selection
      Currently you can only select 1 file , it would be great if you could select as many as you like and PowerArchiver will seek out the ones compatible with optimization and run them through the engine.

    2. Folder Selection
      The same as above but if i right click on a folder and select Optimize files it PowerArchiver will go through all files , sub folders and files and optimize everything that can be.

    3. **Optimization Options
      **You can optimize PowerPoint, Word, Excel etc but if you could create a new Dialog so the user can select “ALL” or say optimize only Excel Documents.

    4. **Optmize & Compress To
      **Once Optimized bring up compression window or shells for differnt types.

    5. Optimize & SendTo
      (Cloud, FTP Email) etc

    6. Optimize & Encrypt
      Using the latest FIP’s and PGP Encryption methods.

    7. **Improved Optimized Progress Screen
      **Remove the current Dialog and replace with the traditonal progress compression window. There isnt a need to see the XML structure’s really.

    8. *Scheduled Background Optimization My Favourite
      The ability to select a folder, or multiple folders or files in varous locations and tell PowerArchiver to Optimize them every Day at a particular time.

      This means that every file, folder containing large files can be consistantly brought down is size by one User. Meaning Reports, forms and presentations are consistently optimized.

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