Attachment Cloud Time

  • Banned

    Would you consider having the Attachment Cloud download time set to GMT?

    I am always shocked when I get a message that lists the download time — and it is 8-10 hours ahead of my current time. Since I am unsure where your AC server is located (which, I assume, determines the time stamp), I am never quite certain when the files were actually downloaded.


  • conexware

    Server is in Germany… good thing noticing this. We will try to adjust the email to your time exactly.

    This month we will start working on finishing AC, this was just a test service so far.


  • Banned

    . . . it is a fine one.

    Always worked flawlessly.

    The time is a mere glitch.

    One suggestion: could the message automatically inserted in the email message be put a txt or rtf file so that each individual user could edit it?

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