Add MB (needcase GB) as spanned filesizes

  • Currently only kBytes should be entered.
    If I want files to be spanned in 10MB or 49.9MB parts, I need to check out a conversion website to see how many KB this reflects.

    add MB and maybe even GB to spanned filesizes.

    e.g. I want to transfer a DVD in 1.9GB parts.
    It should be in an pw protected .exe
    When running the first part, it should find the 2nd and 3rd part
    and then create the DVD including filename same way as the original

    Something like:
    filename.exe 1.9GB
    filename.ex1 1.9GB
    filename.ex2 0.8GB


  • Very Valid point! and makes sense to give the user the option to select the type of size.

    I wouldnt put Button’s for the user to tick, maybe replace the label “kBytes” with a Drop down box with;

    Mb (Mega Bytes)
    Gb (Giga Bytes)

    That way the users can just type 5 and select “Mb”, 1 “GB” or 4500 “Kbytes” as its clear and less cluttered.

    Good idea! I back it!

  • conexware

    maybe just selection box (combo box) where you can select kB, MB, GB?

    What makes it confusing is that now manufacturers are advertising 1 GB as 1000 MB, not 1024 MB…

  • Thanks for supporting the idea. Either a combobox or radio buttons, that’s upto the developers. The idea is to just split files in given MB’s or GB’s without calculating.

    When transferring via wetransfer, the max filesize is limited to 2GB.
    When I wish to transfer an entire DVD via wetransfer, I have to do that in 3 sessions.
    I then have to tell my friend on the other side to have the 3 parts in 1 folder and run the 1st as to recreate the DVD.

    Anyway, hope it will be implemented one day.

  • :) I’m positive the team will add this to the list. Things like this are fairly simple to do.

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