PA - Password Hint Option

  • Hi Team,

    PA has done a fantastic job at making PowerArchiver’s security / encryption features the best possible.

    However, in my eye’s there are two area’s that would be a welcomed addition.

    1. Password Hint - Very Simple
    Please add the option for Password Hint so user’s can provide a brief reminder to their chosen password. This is common in all well established Encrpytion tools out in the market and PA in my eyes is one of them.

    2. Key File - _Brings PA’s Security Up a notch!
    _This method is used in PGP, Steganos, Deslock etc.
    _A method in which a user can encrypt a file based on another file’s attributes so should the file change or not be found this results in the encrpted file being unable to open.

    PA could create a file using it’s “.Pae” format that users can select as their “unique” key file and each file is just 100kb and encrypted so avoid further modification.

    So for work I could have “Brakes.pae”, Home “Home1.pae” I then encrypt a file and instead of using a password i select the relivant key file or make or select any file on the spot.

    This would be another Great addition to PA’s security features and to ZTE Security as well.

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