Modify folder information in archive.

  • I wonder if it would be possible to delete the folder information within an archive? I know I can extract an archive and ignore the info, but I would prefer to leave the option selected (to use folder information) but to remove it on file by file basis within a given archive. It would also be handy that when adding a file to an archive where all the files contain the info, if I could copy that for any file that I add.

    Additional:- It would be handy to keep the original folder info, but to have added files not having it.



  • conexware

    something like editing path basically? It is possible (to add for us)… It is just that there is big possibility to mess something up.

    For adding files you can control it already - if you use folder view, go into folder and add new file to it if you want, and if you want to add it to root, then add it to root :-).

  • Thanks for the tip!


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