Advanced Virtual Drive

  • Guys,

    Im going to make this an official request and as i like to think of myself as part of the team I advise this is followed.

    PowerArchiver now has Virtual Driver and FIPS Regulated Encryption.

    Lets Create PowerArchiver Virtual Safe, similar to Applications already out such as “Deslock, Steganos, WinMount, Trucrypt, BestCrypt”

    PowerArchiver users could then right click on any Archive and in the same way with an ISO mount it as an active Drive.

    Not only can users do this but they can write to those Active Archives as a drive and on closure PA updates that particular archive.

    Top this off with Encryption as well and users and businesses can create secure drive’s.

    Lets invest the time and make PA’s Virtual Driver and Encryption Engine take on the market and show them how to really do it!

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