Spanning, set sizes and encrypting to .exe

  • Feature request
    a. Span and encrypt at the same time
    b. Set max. file size per part
    c. Encrypt to self extracting .exe

    This all in the context menu.

    I have a folder with a number of subfolders/files.
    Total foldersize is 3GB

    In in the context menu there would be a new item let’s say:
    “Span and encrypt”

    1. I select the folder
    2. Select the span and encrypt option
    It would then present a pop up folder
    2.a)either a max. file size, (e.g. 1700mb)
    2.b) a number of parts (e.g. 3)
    2.c.) password

    It would then have to create either a
    1700mb+1300mb file (.exe)
    3 folders each 1GB.

    I think, currently, this all is pretty difficult to achieve in 1 go.


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