Merge ZTE Shell options with PA's

  • Would be cool if ZTE detects that PA is installed you could manage it from PA perhaps…or add its shell options to PA’s as a one stop shop. :)

  • Alpha Testers

    actually that very same thought crossed my mind earlier in the week…glad you suggested it though…:)

  • conexware

    for FTP, we could use same settings to store FTP servers, while default one would be separate setting.

  • I just downloaded the latest version and to be honest thought about this when ZTE 1st came out.

    Can I suggest that “IF” a user has “PowerArchiver” installed on their system an option either within PowerArchivers or ZTE’s Configuration tab under the typical Shell Extensions tab called “Intergrate ZTE Shell Extensions into PowerArchiver”

    This makes some file and registry updates so ZTE’s shells can be customised, split by features and altered all within PowerArchiver.

    This means as a user i can make all the changes i need within the Main PowerArchiver Application without having to open Outlook.

    Again, a simple tick box and some minor setup changes during install to enable this intergration into a core Conexware application.

    :) i shall say it again “simple”, and wait for you to spit in my tea.

  • conexware

    you can work with Zip to Email options without going to Outlook :-).

    1. There is Options shell extensions that when clicked, takes you to Options :-).
    2. There is separate ZTE Options shortcut in Start Menu.

  • Alpha Testers


  • Still doesnt integrate it into PowerArchiver’s shell extensions :) which is what i want if I own PowerArchiver & ZTE.

    but its nice to know there is a simple config screen in start menu. However… As a powerarchiver user i have PA Starter and when i want to change anything i just double click through to that which is quicker.

    I use powerarchiver now for FTP, Archive’s, Burning, Backups, mounting virtual drives and to most part “encryption” all these settings are in that one screen.

    When ZTE is made available, it would be nice to have that integration so i can change all ConeXware tools into it’s flagship program being “PowerArchiver”

    Another thing to consider is setting up ZTE to use PA Starter! regardless if the user has PowerArchiver or not because starter is a handly little side app to have.

    Simple options like;
    Zip to Email 2011
    -> Configuration
    -> Transfer Log (history of emails, FTP’s, Clouds sent using ZTE! With Date, Time etc)
    -> Login to Attachment Cloud (via website portal)

    Ow… and i will ask this again, i did make this a request earlier on…

    If I have PowerArchiver and FTP Profiles setup already, can you please make them available when installing ZTE.

    So this “integrate ZTE Settings into PA” Would help accomidate this. you could expand on this so;

    Integrate ZTE Settings into PA, followed by tick boxe’s;
    1. FTP Profiles
    2. Shell Extensions & Splits
    3. Patchbeam (use same settings as PA)

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