PA Queue Plus!

  • Hi Guys,

    One feature that can be handy is the Queue tool, this enables users to tell powerarchiver to run each task one by one depending on the size.

    And…. Thats it.

    I would love to see Conexware look at archive’s in a similar way to Network Traffic when using one application bandwidth and resources arnt impacted. However, when using more than one application these two areas are impacted. So to overcome this certain Firewalls, switches and software programs use Traffic Control, bandwidth prioritization to ensure quality of service ie maximum speed and reduced system impact.

    So the thought crossed my mind when i had 26 Batched rar files all requiring extracting and two files requiring encrypting i tried to run 6 all at once and it slowed my system rite down almost stalling it, i enabled queue and i realized it was doing them in an order i wasnt really requiring to then use the buttons move up and down wasnt really speeding this up so i then cancelled all and selected each one based on my preference.

    The idea poped into my head during this time that PowerArchiver could adapt a Queue Prioritisation Process…

    PA Queue Prioritization - Settings, Options and GUI Enhancements

    ie any archive being processed in a certain location such as Local MyDocuments treat prioritize higher than FTP, Or NAS Drive.

    or have my Movies, Pictures and Music as my top paths everything else is at the bottom of the queue.

    File Format
    I may extract more rar’s in large batchs than any other format so anything that is a rar move to the top.

    I could add anything Encrypted or PAF format too

    Number of transfers per time
    By default to maintain the fastest possible speed it would be 1 but i can change this to 2,3 or 5 transfers per process.

    Priority Stamp!
    the ability to click a tick box during the extract or compress process that informs Queue to treat that particular process as Top priority even if it doesnt fall under Path or format settings.

    Show Queue Dialog

    next to move up, move down a pause button so those files selected are stoped from the process until deselected

    By selecting a file in the Queue screen and selecting turbo all other priorities, connections are paused PowerArchiver focuses its complete utter attention to that one process and on completion resumes the prior settings.

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