Extraction Based upon Registry location & current user

  • It would be great if PA could have several addtional options where when you extract file or files it could look at the current user and then base it upon the wild card and extract it to that user App Data folder. Also it would be nice if PA extractor could query the registry for a path and then find a particular registry and then utilize the actual path and then be able grab that path and extract to that location also.

  • Isn’t that what you would use “Default Extract Location” for?

    {See Options / Configuration / Folders }

  • Yes you could do that but it is different on every machine and I know that if I looked in the registry then I would know exactly where to extract the files to.

  • conexware

    SFX does this but what exactly do you need in Main PA… give us examples so we can understand the usage better… thank you!

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