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  • Hi Team,

    You asked for more ideas, and here is another one that I would like to see.

    A feature in configuration proxy that when enables allows a web based interface via ip address so users across the same network or externally with the correct credentials can;

    1. view, edit and run backups.
    2. Update, and save configuration settings
    3. Access FTP details
    4. Open archives
    5. Upload files to remote location
    6. Upload archive then pa converts then user can download new format.

    So a quick sinareo, and I’m at a clients house or business that doesn’t have powerarchiver or anything major archive program.

    I can login to my ip run, and view or edit any of my backups. I then access my ftp account via there system ie windows ftp to download database back zips.

    Say that user has been emailed an archive they can’t read, and I could upload and convert then download as zip.

    Say Im a business and I only want a small group of users with powrrarchiver as an application but want to give other users the ability to run, convert and edit archives via a network. Pa remote could do this using queue, and login profiles. I a simple user over a gigabyte network could setup a backup or create an archive using paf via a web based interface. Th

    this could be a separate plugin to powerarchiver or standard for toolbox users. The it wouldn’t replace the application but would be a great addition for remote workers, and administration and businesses who want simplicity and quality at the same time…

  • conexware

    wouldnt you do this via remote desktop or some version of vnc?

  • conexware

    it is good idea… for standalone backup utility :-).

    Although I dont know why simple RDC/VNC wouldnt work a lot better? Any ideas?

    Under what circumstances would you have access to open up ports and install something similar to the webserver but not RDC/VNC?

  • conexware

    p.s. I saw this for utorrent, but i think they mainly use it for their hardware setboxes which dont have RDC/VNC obviously.

  • The idea come to mind when using a series of services and programs that enabled users via a simple web based interface to do simple file sharing, backup’s and emails via home computer IP so to avoid large costs.

    Obviosly an intermediate to advanced admin could setup a remote desktop system or a VPN and login do the job on their system then move the archive to a shared location. Hell, if you pay for logmein pro you can access anywhere in the world and share files.

    But we are going into expensive, complex systems that require a higher level of knowlege and complex programing to ensure everything is secure. Plus to expense of VPN Tokens, costs connecting to such servers and the continued expense of expansion.

    I was also looking at PowerArchiver and what could Conexware create / offer their users both at home and businesses regardless of size ie 10 to 1000 plus thaat it’s competitors didnt, i thought about Patchbeam and its progression.

    Then it dawned on me that if Conexware created a Backend PowerArchiver Toolbox as a backend engine while a frontend plugin such as this could allow single to multiple users to create archives from any internal/external location via a web based interface without any special knowlege or software installed via a simple step as open “any” browser and enter an address then login.

    Now for a home user this would come in handy i could see myself using it with my livedrive. ie login at work that doesnt allow VPN’s or Remote desktops to any other external address than it own!! to my pa remote address then edit and run a backup or create a new backups to my livedrive anywhere at any time.

    However, for a business… this could be implemented into corporate intranet sites, website enabling the businss to lock down on the complexities and cost of software, VPN and remote training, costs of tokens etc etc

    allow standard users to upload files they need converting to archive over their business network and then email it via outlook all though a browser…

    Now! if done correctly this would be a powerfull addition to ConeXware’s software.

    A business then buy’s a “PowerArchiver Toolbox Business Licencse” enabling a backend proxy managment using Patchbeam tech for example… “wording to market it!” then they pay for a license that is far less than PA Standard for each login via a proxy.

    obvisoly the PA Toolbox Business would be priced specifically for this.

    The advantages

    1. A business can keep specific formats in line with company policy’s at a reduced cost

    2. users can edit and create backups of there own systems via a web portal but using PowerArchiver’s admin prefered settings.

    3. Software would not need to be installed onto every single standard users end computer again “saving costs, training”

    4. The ability to send an email to an address where it’s managed by toolbox and saved thus removing the requirement to sent to another email…

    ie i email a zip about 20 megs to an address it then download’s and makes it available for all users via the portal or via the business drive. thus reducing network traffic from one email to another then that person forwards to another person etc etc.

    there are loads of way’s i can think of that this could work but its putting it togeather with a think tank so it does.

    ow and at the momment, its unique to Conexware.

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