PA - Advanced Custom Shell Extensions

  • Hi Team,

    There are a few things that i find anoying about the shell extentions options within the configuration tab which i would like to see resolved.

    I also have a few suggestions for improvments.

    Adjusting Current Shells

    A minor anoyance is when you have shell titles in the included menu tab but you want to move them into the sub menu the user is forced to remove them and then add them to the sub menu…

    please make it so the user can drop them in using the button “add submenu”.

    Better Range Control using Shift Key

    Currently, the user can only use the “Ctrl” key to select/deselect multiple shells to include or exclude.
    It would be great if you could also implement the “Shift” key so one could select a large range at one single time.

    Drag “n” Drop
    Aswell as Shift key i would also like to see the ability to drag and drop menus instead of using the buttons included.

    Custom Shell Order
    Allow the user to arrange each shell title in the order that they i want. So for example, i like to have all shell extensions available to me. But ideally if i could have .7z under .Zip then .PAF etc.

    Basically giving the user full control over their menu just by moving the shells up or down.

    Advanced Splits!
    The “split by features” into sub menus was a great improvment, in fact its my prefered setup for all my computers, clients.

    But what would be a great addition is the ability to create one’s own sub menu titles for example very much like my developers tab idea.

    A Custom titled Shell menu with my typically used shells such as “PowerArchiver 2011 - Richards Tab” and like mentioned above in the order i want! numbers excluded in menu but maybe dispayed in options area.

    1.Compress Options
    2.Compress to Zip
    3.Compress to 7zip
    4.FTP IT… Live Drive

    Adaptive Shell Extensions
    Something i’m proud to think of… A Simple tick box under the options section that when Selected PowerArchiver Records every instance the user selects the shells and after so many records it arranges the shell’s in the order of features and options they use the most.

    This when ticked deactivates the users ability to manually sort the shell’s in there format for obvios reasons.

    Preview Shell
    A simple Preview screen to show the user how there custom menu will look like on applying those settings.

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