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  • Hi Guys,

    I’ve had a think about this and i would love to see this implemented within PowerArchiver Ribbon.

    In Microsoft Office 2007/10 you can enable a Developer’s Tab this by default is hidden.

    Now what i suggest is PowerArchiver create’s a page in the configuration screen that enables users to create there very own Tab and call it whatever they like!

    So i could create next to the default “Options” or the “Home” tabs “Richard” and with that tab i could select default buttons and options relivant to what i as a user or administrator use most if not all of the time.

    Therefore, it is profile specific, so i can have my FTP Livedrive as default, i could have my Backup jobs and not my partners or collegues, I can display, convert, encrypt, DVD Burn and nothing else if i wanted all with my own preferred settings in the layout i want.

    You could even provide the ability to save this and provide a drop down so users can create there own custom tabs. so when Dan my assistant wants his settings he just selects them and maybe enters a password.

    Now i already do this in my work enviroment and it is very popular with the end users. I created a tick box system and a named combo box this then creates a tempory Tab with settings.

    There isnt anything highly complicated as the tools are already setup, all you are doing is creating a Skeliton code structure than runs off values from what the user enters or selects.

    I hightly beleave this would be a great feature of powerarchive and really beleave this would work, giving PA something that others dont currently provide!!

    You asked for ideas that would make PA even more atractive, this is one of them.

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