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  • Hi Guys,

    I asked for this on the development for patchbeam. However, i think it was forgotten.

    Can you create an option within patchbeam update screen and within the Configuration Tab so to Show/Hide the News Feed Screen.

    Therefore the patchbeam screen would apear as such, or similar.

    I dont want to see it when checking for program updates. However, i want the option to check as and when i require. Can you also disable it from connecting to the source of the news when the user decides deselect it.

    I dont know how you manage the connections for news but when i run a patchbeam update the news feed takes ages behind our business proxy once it gets the news then the checks on available downloads are done instantly. Now I know from programing you have to create a code to source both checks so im sure you can on hide of feed take out that delay for those behind secure servers.

    What you could do to get your news across is a simple check every so often that “if” a brand new news feed is available then a msgbox prompts the user informing them of the recent news and would they like to read it? then it displays the news page.

  • here is an example of another software program that does a similar thing.

    Allowing the user to hide/view the news. The only difference i suggest is if a user hide’s the tab it is saved as hidden but there is a default option that can also be stoped which provides the user with a msgbox prompt when new anouncemens are available.

    Some of us visit the PowerArchiver Site, forums, feeds etc nearly every day, week, month. And have Patchbeam running in the background so the news feeds arnt really of use to us.

    But a push update prompt as soon as there is something to download or talk about would be a great feature!!

    you can see where i am going with this!

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