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  • Hi Guys,

    We have been asked to come up with some idea’s, suggestions or fix requests to keep PowerArchiver ahead of those pesky competitor’s.

    One Idea I thought about last night was based on something i see being done, and do myself in the office enviroment. However, it never dawned on me until Drazen asked us to think about the convert tool.

    So here is my 1st idea, suggestions and wish!

    A simple “Group Content” checkbox within the “Convert Archive” UserForm.

    What this would do “automatically” would on selection of file / folders that contained existing archives ie Zip’s, RAR’s, 7zips, CAB’s etc the user basically wanted to extract them all and covert under one format keeping the folder structure.

    ie say you have a Archive called “Master” and in that two archives called “reports” and “reports 2.7z” the reports 1 zip was compacted early in the year using old methods and the reports 2 using early 7z standards.

    The user want’s to use the latest ultra compression 7zip, paf, rar, zip methods for that entire File / Folder on all archives and make them into one with the existing archives made as folder’s instead.

    ie “Master Reports.7z” and two folders “Reports 1”, “Reports 2” no longer different formats but compressed under one yet keeping same file header formats.

    I could tweak this with some more additional idea’s but want to know if you like the idea 1st. Because it isnt an impossible process to make. The tick box is basically telling PA to unzip all archive’s into a folder structure then archive on the method selected by user.

  • Ok, just a quick note on the above request.

    I need to see the option to “Test & Delete old Archive”, So when dealing with large archive’s within archive’s being able to ensure it has been completed without error and clearing out the old one would be great.

  • Another suggestion would be to provide some of the same options in the “Add” dialog you get when creating new archives via “Compress To –> Compress with options…”.

    Because in many way, you are actually creating a brand new archive by converting another.

    So ideally, you could just copy over the Drop Down’s and checkbox’s code from that “add screen” to the compile one.

    So options such as like

    1. Encription “drop down” & Checkbox on Encrypt Filenames.
    2. Encrypt archive to .Pae
    3. Open after completion
    4. Send (Email, FTP, Burn)

    And maybe;

    5. Multiple Spanning…

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  • @spwolf:

    No Profile support? :-)

    Well… its about time you came up with something :D

    Yes, throw that in aswell. I cant be the only one with the ideas. ;)

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