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Burn ISO to flash drive

  • Linux Mint has started to release distros in Hybrid-ISO (starting with Linux Mint KDE 12 RC1) form meaning that when burnt to a USB drive it becomes bootable. Could PA be one of the first burning programs to allow burning to a USB flash/pen/thumb drive?



  • Any takers?

  • Sounds an interesting concept! I cant see why PA coulnt adapt their Program todo so. I dont think they have the time at the momment but again, interesting concept.

    Especially when you consider the number of Netbook users who dont have CD drives or admin who have systems that dont have dvd’s due to security rights.

    Enabling boot mode via usb makes sense as time goes on.

  • conexware

    do you actually burn anything to the USB Flash drive or is it copying?

  • @spwolf:

    do you actually burn anything to the USB Flash drive or is it copying?

    You dont actually burn to a non CD/DVD drive it’s just one of them techy phrases people seem to assosiate when making a copy, moving a file structure from one place to another.

    ie “i’ll burn you a copy”

    So, for a USB it is indeed a copy, or move of one file structure or extracting an archive “ISO” to a drive in such a way it can be read within boot.

    Unless you actually use a DVD Drive to laser binary code to a CD, DVD or blu-ray you arnt burning anything 😉

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